Career Profile

  • Varied experience in scalable cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, product development, technology management and customer success across America, Europe and Asia.
  • Responsible for building stable and reliable data pipelines across the globe that led to increased customer adoption.
  • Mentored and led engineering teams that delivered projects for problems in performance, scale, reliability and data management.

  • Experiences

    Platform & Infrastructure

    Apr 2021 - present
    Mux, San Francisco

  • Built and scaled the different parts of the core platform upon which the video and video analytics products are built.
  • Worked on scaling the platform to support analytics for some of the largest live streaming sporting events.

  • Site Reliability Engineering

    Jun 2020 – Apr 2021
    Optimizely, San Francisco

  • performance, reliability, cdn, dns, data infrastructure and automation.

  • Senior Manager, Platform & Infrastructure

    Jun 2019 – Feb 2020
    Reltio, Redwood Shores

  • Built and managed large scalable infrastructure for a cloud native MDM SaaS platform using a variety of services on AWS and GCP.
  • Responsible for automation, scale, performance and observability of the cloud infrastructure and software stack with cassandra and elasticsearch.
  • Led a distributed team of engineers working on different parts of the data infrastructure. Implemented standard SRE principles providing 24x7 support operations.

  • Senior Manager, Oracle Management Cloud

    Dec 2015 - May 2019
    Oracle, Redwood Shores

  • Built a successful DevOps / SRE for a monitoring and analytics platform spread across the globe. Ownership of observability for cdn, eum, apm, logs, security and monitoring.
  • Built scaleable and performant infrastructure for accelerated promotion of services to production.
  • Complete ownership of deployment, process automation and observability of the full stack and hadoop / kafka clusters.

  • Technology management, open source & other engagements

    Nov 2005 - Nov 2015
    Oracle / Sun, SF Bay area / Prague / Bangalore

  • Led and executed projects in data center management.
  • Defined and executed crisis management engagements at complex environments that resulted in millions of dollars in revenue.
  • Eclipse for Solaris x86 (official committer for Sun Microsystems).
  • Represented Sun in conferences and universities for datacenter management.
  • Lead Systems Engineer

    Jun 1999 - Oct 2005
    Tata Infotech Ltd., Bangalore / Chicago

  • Defined, managed and executed on various SOWs (Statement of Work) for Ascom, QualComm and WorldBook.
  • Liaised with teams on-site and Tata Infotech’s offshore technology development team.

  • Skills & Proficiency

    distributed systems in java and go

    python, perl and shell

    kubernetes, docker, envoy

    security, networking

    linux, solaris

    aws, gcp, oci

    vault, terraform

    kafka, flink, zookeeper

    redis, solr and elk

    akamai and cloudflare

    git, mercurial